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Who are you? Most people answer this question with what they DO: "I'm a father" or "I'm a teacher." The rest of people tend to focus on what they HAVE: "I am a millionaire" or "I'm a business owner". Neither of these are who the person IS. Worse, can you imagine anyone believing they are their behavior? Who ARE you? There is a way to figure this out and it is NOT with a personality test. Click the Get Started button below to discover who you are.

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We are going to present a scenario to you in a short story and then ask you a series of questions. This test is most effective when you take the time to imagine this happening and then state your answer to each question out loud.

The Sundae

We go to an ice cream parlor. You get your ice cream cone and sit down. Another person in the group gets a sundae on a plate and as they sit down, they drop the sundae on the floor.

There are seven possible responses you can have. As we go through each one, ask yourself if you would actually say or do each one. Don’t focus on what you think you ought to do. Focus on what you actually feel you would say or do and state it out loud. Pick as many options as you feel apply.

The Sundae

Check the options that settle the most.

You dropped your sundae
You dropped your sundae because it wasn't balanced on the plate.
Don't feel bad, it could have happened to anyone.
Let me buy you another sundae.
Let me help you clean it up.
Ted, get the waitress. Kathy, get some napkins. Carl, pick up the broken glass.
Next time, we will eat at the counter and this won’t happen.