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We help people learn how to intentionally be happy & flow.
Learn How!

The Prologue

Flowcess® has proprietary models for the mind and the brain that lead to intentional and immediate long-term positive behavioral change. At Flowcess® we look at each person as if they are a driver (mind) and a car (brain). Everything we experience either helps or hurts our brain. There are no ZERO EVENTS to the brain. Let’s continue the journey with an overview of our model for the "car". Fasten your seatbelt!

The Odyssey

A study was done using four decks of cards. Two decks were red backed, and two decks were blue backed. People were told to flip cards from any deck and they won or lost money based on what the card stated. What they didn't know was how the decks were different...

The Red Cards

  • Big Losses
  • Big Wins
  • More Losses
  • Less Wins
  • Dangerous!

The Blue Cards

  • Small Wins
  • Small Losses
  • More Wins
  • Less Losses
  • Safe!

After 10 Card Flips...

Their unconscious brain realized the red decks were dangerous. Why?

The unconscious makes up 90% of our brain, and is more powerful than any super computer imaginable. It works automatically, just like 90% of a car. Most people will say it goes unused. However, we actually DO use it — we just don’t have direct control over it. Unlike the conscious brain which makes up the remaining 10%; we are in direct control, just like the steering wheel, gas, and brake pedals of a car.


After 40 Card Flips...

Their behavior changed! While they still picked from the red deck, they began picking from the blue deck much more often.

It wasn't until

Card Flips

They consciously stated,
"The red decks are dangerous."

But this isn’t just a study about winning and losing money

This study explains every behavioral issue we encounter!

Meet Simon

Simon’s behavior changes at 40 flips, but he’s not conscious of it yet. However, everyone else can see Simon’s behavior changing.

Hey Simon, I feel like you're acting differently!
I don't see it.
When someone tells Simon his behavior has changed, what level are they approaching him at?
Let's find out below!

What do you think?

Simon is at 40™

But the words he is hearing are at 80™. So Simon doesn't understand them because he can't see his behavior change yet. When Simon says, "I don't see it", what he's really saying is...

Rather than listen to you, and change my behavior relatively easily, why don’t you leave me alone until I get to 80™ and see it for myself? ...and then I will complain how much harder it is for me to overcome this bad behavior.

The Master Minds

Professional gamblers (NOT addictive gamblers), those who make a living gambling participated in the same card flip study. At 10 card flips they were able to consciously state
"The red decks are dangerous."

How did they do it?

Was it by thinking or trying harder through the 10% of their brain they directly control? NO! They got there by being more in touch with their UNCONSCIOUS BRAIN.

We help people get to Ten™

The Four Gears

Remember, the brain is the “car” in our Driver & Car™ analogy. We see this “car” as having four “gears” because the brain only operates according to four possible thought processes. Everything you do is an effect of one of four sets of consecutive steps that make up each unique thought process.

We have already referenced two “gears”. The 10™ Card Flip Thought Process is the fastest “gear” and seemingly occurs without effort. The 80™ Card Flip Thought Process is when we are focused and in control through effort. The final two “gears” are the thought processes that result in addiction and destruction.


Fill out the following form and we will send you the explanation for the remaining two thought processes.

The Driver

If Simon got into his truck and skidded as he left the parking lot, how would I sound if I called Simon "Truck" from now on? Worse, how would I sound if I called him "Skid"? Simon is not his behavior (skid). Simon is not his brain (truck). Simon is a mind, which is the driver in our Driver & Car™ analogy. Do you want to know the driver of your car? Click the button below to continue your odyssey...

Find Your Driver!